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American Roots Music – Concerts

Fox and Branch are the best kind of musicians - making everything they play their own...
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Our concerts “for grown-ups” remain an important part of what we do. We first began playing together because of a mutual interest in old blues. Over the years, we’ve expanded the repertoire to include old-time country songs; fiddle tunes; Cajun songs and tunes; New Orleans flavored music; jug band and novelty numbers; swing standards; British ballads; Irish and Scottish songs and fiddle tunes; Bluegrass songs; and, last but not least, banjo/washboard breakdowns.


Our repertoire is nothing if not varied.  Our criteria for choosing material is that if we like the music, and think we can do it justice, we’ll try it.  Fox and Branch have played at many festivals, community events, weddings, parties and senior centers.  Our aim is to entertain and to draw people together to enjoy what we have in common.

American Roots Music – Workshops

The kind of music we play is best passed on in person, and we are always glad to teach groups some of what we know about music. All of our workshop offerings are flexible, in terms of how many participants are involved and how much time is available.  We would also be happy to discuss any questions about a potential workshop that you might have.

Workshops we offer include:

Acoustic Blues Guitar – Arranging Songs for Two Guitars

We share tricks and techniques for getting the best blend of two guitars when playing old blues songs. The styles covered include Mississippi Delta blues, Piedmont style, Texas style, and Jug band accompaniment. This workshop is for intermediate guitar players. Tablature and recordings are included for participants to continue their studies at home.

American Roots Rhythms

The range of different rhythms in American music is truly amazing, and rhythm is always a good way to get a handle on the foundation of a style. This workshop uses guitar and fiddle to convey some concepts but also incorporates the washboard, the banjo, and the body percussion technique known as “Hambone” to cover as broad a spectrum of rhythms as possible.

How Songs Work

Whether your interest is traditional music or more contemporary, “original” music, it helps to have a grasp of the basic musical concepts that underlie all popular music. This workshop is about how chords work in popular music.
We have nearly 75 years of performing experience between us and have written or learned hundreds of songs over the years. Will Branch’s ten years of teaching guitar have also helped him to clarify the exact information a person needs to know to feel confident with any song that comes their way.