Fox & Branch

Family Folk Music

Everyone has fun at a Fox & Branch show.

That has been the duo’s guiding principle for the past two decades, especially since performing for children and parents became their main focus. Dave Fox and Will Branch strive to create a communal atmosphere of fun and high spirits wherever they play. A Fox and Branch show is as much a celebration of being together as it is a musical performance.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the nationally known duo has toured the Midwest, the East Coast and the South. They are winners of three Parent’s Choice recommended awards.

Fox and Branch have appeared at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Symphony Space in New York City; Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY; Club Passim in Boston, MA; and the Overture Center in Madison, WI. They have been featured at many Midwest festivals and community events. The duo has brought their show to libraries in Brooklyn, NY; St. Louis, MO; Boston, MA; southern Louisiana; northern Illinois and across Wisconsin.

Fox and Branch consider themselves to be working in the tradition of great children’s performers like Pete Seeger, Ella Jenkins and Bessie Jones.  Audience members are invited to sing along, to dance, and to come onstage to try their hand at the washboard and other musical instruments.  Anchored in American roots music, the duo also plays traditional music from other countries around the world.

I don't know how you managed to engage such a diverse group of kids and elders, but it was obvious that they were having the time of their lives...It felt like the Pied Piper had come to Milwaukee!
Sherry Power, Forever Friends Program, Milwaukee, WI
Fox and Branch are bringing folk music to a new generation.  And while we know that kids can be fussy-they LOVE Fox and Branch!
Matt Smith, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
All of you who still hold fond memories of the Jerry Garcia / David
 Grisman CD Not For Kids Only, pay attention. Did You Hear That? (2007)
is that album's sequel. What I mean is that the spirit of that first
 CD is continued here - genial renditions of folk classics, smartly
The skilled musicianship is evident in the performances on the guitar, fiddle, washboard, and banjo; the fun sings through loud and clear.
Parents' Choice Awards, 2009
Fox and Branch are the best kind of musicians - making everything they play their own...
Sing Out! Magazine
Fox and Branch gave 4 different performances in Manistique, each program perfectly tailored to the students attending. I particularly noticed certain students who normally would not like ‘this kind of thing’ having a GREAT time. Dave and Will are excellent at engaging kids, wonderful musicians, and they are very organized and on time – great to work with!!
Heidi Troyer, Community Concert Commitee, Manistique, MI